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What's The Difference Between Tissue Paper And Toilet Paper?
Dec 20, 2018

Toilet paper and face towel paper are our usual paper products, often confused, but they are different, toilet paper feel rough, face towel paper feel more delicate, toilet paper is fart wiping, and face towel paper is mouth wiping. If you haven't realized it, you may have been wiping your mouth with a paper towel that wipes your butt. There are fundamental differences between tissue paper and toilet paper. The production technology, quality and hygienic standards of the two are different and cannot be substituted for each other.

Different types of paper adopt different product standards. Common disposable paper products are divided into two categories: toilet paper and tissue paper.

Raw material: toilet paper can be recycled wood pulp

Paper towel paper can only use wood, grass, bamboo and other raw fibers as raw materials. No recycled paper, paper prints and other recycled raw materials can be used. No deinking agent can be used. That is to say, the qualified paper towels are made of raw pulp, such as the declaration of "100% native wood pulp".

In addition to the use of raw fibers, toilet paper can also be conditionally recycled paper printing, printed white paper as raw materials.

Therefore, the raw material of toilet paper may read "pure wood pulp" - representing only wood pulp, not excluding recycled wood pulp.

Toughness: Paper towel, toilet block

Paper products also have a test standard, "wet toughness strength", that is, toughness under wet condition.

Toilet paper can't have wet toughness. It must be broken immediately after wet penetration, otherwise it will be unqualified. So, it's okay to throw toilet paper and flush it away.

The paper towel because to wipe the face and hands, in order to avoid rubbing all over the paper scraps, even in the wet state, but also requires sufficient resilience. Toughness, throwing toilet is not easy to decompose, easy to block toilet.

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