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Type And Use Of Paper Towels
Jun 26, 2018

While sitting on the sofa watching TV while eating snacks, take a hand, wipe your hands, wipe your mouth, you can also wipe the stains on the tea table. The tea table is a visitor area, and there will be more people to use. Each drawing paper is independent of each other and is convenient for sanitation. Before you eat your table, you must remember to dry the hand towel that you have just washed. Otherwise, it will be embarrassing to throw the water into the dish. After eating, of course, remember to wipe away the greasy food from the corners of your mouth. After finishing the table, you can also use paper towels to drain the moisture left by the rag and keep the table dry.


The kitchen is oily, but as long as napkins are kept clean, there is no escape from oil. Before you do the dishes, you can use a napkin to dry the water on the surface of the vegetable. This can avoid the splash of the oil stars in the next pot. When cooking, it is best to wrap the spoon of the stir fry with a napkin. It can prevent oil pollution and prevent scald. After cooking, the kitchen is cleaned and the water of the surface of the cupboard should be dried with napkin paper. When you use your cupboards to make your dishes, you may wrinkle your brows when you see greasy dishes. Don't bother your head. First, wipe the greasy bowl with a paper towel first, then rinse it with hot water or detergent. As a result, it can save water and reduce the consumption of detergent, and the water pipe is not easy to plug.

Toilet (toilet paper towel)

Toilet paper, of course, is no more than toilet paper. What kind of toilet paper is the best choice? It must be soft enough to protect our skin well, and it is flexible enough to stand the test. At the same time, in the bathroom washroom, you still need a box to extract the boxed facial tissue, then wash your hands and wipe it with your hands. It is relaxed and dry.

Beauty paper towel

Modern daily paper towel products are colorful. In particular, beauty paper towel, new products are endless, beautiful.

Ladies are equipped with portable, convenient and hygienic, making the complicated beauty procedures easier, and the beauty of paper napkin has become the new fashion of ladies. A lot of ladies often scrape flowers for nail polish, and it is difficult for them to wash their nails. A small bag of napkins can help you solve such troubles. A washcloth can clean ten fingernails. It is safe to put a bag in the handbag.

Lipstick paper towel

After applying lipstick, always feel that lip gloss, not natural, use lipstick towel, the excess lipstick is printed, lip color will be natural more lipstick makeup paper towel containing the makeup liquid, lipstick clean and clean the rest of the lip especially nourishing.

Makeup cleaning paper towel

Women who love beauty should know that cosmetics on the face are the most harmful to the skin, so the remover must not be careless. This remover cleansing towel is more convenient and effective than the general makeup remover. Even the waterproof cosmetics can be easily removed. A pack of paper napkins can be used instead of 1 to 2 bottles of makeup remover.

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