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The Versatile Usage Of Paper Towels
Jul 28, 2018

For paper towels, our common idea is to wipe your hands and wipe your mouth, but it has more unexpected uses. Let's share it with you.

First of all, we can use paper towels to prevent the iron pan from rusting. After the iron pot cleaning, we have to use paper towels to wipe out the residual water stains and put up some paper towels in the pot, because the paper towel has a strong water absorption, so the paper towel is put on the pot, so the water absorbability of the paper towel can be used to prevent the iron pot from rusting.

Second, we can use paper towels to remove wheat ears from corn cobs. Many people love to eat corn, but sometimes there will be a lot of corn cob on it when we peel the corn, which makes it inconvenient for us to eat corn. Then we can wet the paper towels on the peeled corn. It's easy to remove the remnants of the corn.

Third, we can use paper towels to soften hard candy. Sometimes some red sugar, sugar and sugar are stored for a long time and become lumpy. At this time, we can pour the hard candy into a bowl and cover it with a wet paper towel. After one night, the hardened pieces of sugar will become softer and gradually broken.

Fourth, we can use paper towels to remove the traces of crayons. The children in the family know that the children will draw things on the walls of their home, making our walls unpleasant. At this time, the paper towels can be used. We put the paper towels on the crayon marks, then the electric iron is transferred to the document, ironed on the paper towel, and the paper towel will absorb the traces of the crayon. . This method can remove the traces of crayons on accessories, sofas and carpets, so you can try them and work very well.

Fifth, we can use paper towels to keep the bread fresh. For the bread that can't be eaten, if we put it in the refrigerator directly, the bread will tide in a little while, so before putting the bread in the refrigerator, we should put a paper towel on the bread, so that it can keep the moisture away from the bread.

Sixth, we can use paper towels to test the activity of seeds. Sometimes, when we grow plants, we will find the seeds slow and slow, which makes us very anxious. At this time, we can put the seeds between two damp paper towels and put them in a warm place. If the seeds are not germinated after two weeks, it shows that the seed has lost its vitality and can not be used.

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