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The Folding Standard Of Napkins
Jun 25, 2018

The color and size of the napkin, the napkin should be matched with the tablecloth. The breakfast can be similar to the ordinary handkerchief with the color of the flower lattice. It is 3.25 to 45 centimeters, and the folding is simple or tents can be folded. Lunch and Dinner Napkins are white or other colors. The material is made of hardness linen, with a larger size of 60 centimeters. If it is too soft or small, it can not be folded. Here are the folding methods of several napkins:

Tents type

A napkin for breakfast or fast food, because it is the simplest way of folding, 3.25 centimeters of napkins, fold: one hand folded napkin, the other hand napkin. First, put the angle in the upper left corner, and then fold the A angle to the B angle to become a triangle; the second action is to fold the right finger to the upper end of the center of the bottom of the triangle salt, and fold it into a tent type napkin. The opening of the tent or the tip of the end of a tent to the guest.

Coiling cap type

The curling cap is also a napkin for the meal. Stack the method simply, stack the rectangular napkin first, and then overlap the right 1/3 parts to the left; roll the C down into a conical hat, and then fold the E and F angles up.

Cusp type

The top hat is also a napkin for the meal. The folding method is simple: first, the square table napkin is folded into triangle in the opposite angle; secondly, the left and right parts of the 3/4 are folded into a sharp shape; and then the corner of the front is folded up again; 4.

Monk hat type

This is a common restaurant napkins folding method, style generous, folding easy: first, the square napkin is folded into a rectangle; the second step is folded into a diamond; (3) the third step is to fold the diamond form into a mountain shape; (4) the fourth step is to fold the lower left corner under the upper right corner; and then turn over the right lower corner to the upper left corner. The lower part of the opening is divided into the monk cap type.

Bishop hat

(1) fold the napkin into a triangle; (2) turn the left and right points to the vertex; (3) fold the upper end down, the top and bottom of the two vertex distance; (4) fold the triangle above the top; turn over, turn the two tips over, and insert the tip into the other tip; sixth, turn over, and stand up like a bishop's hat.

Folding fan type

(1) the napkin is inward eighty percent off, the upper end of the first finger and the upper end of the second fold are about 6 centimeters; the second is discounted from the left, and the width of each ninety percent off is about 4 centimeters; (3) the upper end is consolidated with a clip, and then the upper end is opened to become a folding fan. It can be placed in the plate or in the cup.

Fishtail type

This napkin can be folded into a glass or dish. Fold method: first fold the 3.25 centimeter square towel into a triangle, then lift it two times, then cross the left and right sides to form the fishtail type.

Petal type

First fold the square napkin two times, four layers of squares, then fold each layer up to four levels, then fold the back into a column and place it in a cup.

Reel type

This reel type is suitable for folding small napkins, just fold the napkins directly into a cylinder, then fold them in the middle and place them in the cup.

Candle type

This kind of candle type also applies to small napkin folds, first fold the diagonal of the napkin into a triangle, then fold up a small piece up the bottom, and then roll it in a very strong column, which is tight at the bottom, and can be placed in the cup.

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