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The Application Of Hand Paper In Life
Feb 21, 2019

Hand-wiping paper is a disposable sanitary article in living paper, also known as toilet paper. It has roll-shaped or folding folding folding folding folding, but at present more is three folding extraction type. It is mainly used for washing hands in public places such as hotels, hotels, office buildings, airports, opera houses, clubs, etc. It is also suitable for families, and also has special hand-wiping paper racks (boxes) with convenient use of products. As toilet paper can be used without waiting, a piece of paper can dry both hands, leaving no dust on the back hand, soft and comfortable, has gradually replaced the electric drying cell phone in the bathroom, from the five-star hotel more than ten years ago to the city coffee shop, popular with the vast number of guests. At present, toilet paper products are gradually used in industrial, agricultural and animal husbandry production environment, such as factory workshops, farming and breeding sites.

There are many names for toilet paper: rolled toilet paper, folded toilet paper, toilet paper, kitchen toilet paper, V folded toilet paper, 2 folded toilet paper, C folded toilet paper, etc. Professional brands such as vertical and horizontal toilet paper.

Baoding Mancheng Birou Sanitary Supplies Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise which integrates manufacturing, processing and importing wood pulp paper for daily use. It has vigorous development, strong sense of independent innovation, active research and development of new varieties and rich product categories. The production products include: various long and short rolls of paper for daily use, roll paper, soft paper drawing, handkerchief paper, wet towel, sanitary pad and other series of products 60. A variety of raw materials are 100% of the original quality imported wood pulp, and after high temperature disinfection, secondary ultraviolet sterilization, without adding any harmful substances to the human body, the company attaches great importance to the quality of the products produced, with the aim of producing products with repeat customers and sustainable development.

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