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Some Common Sense About Paper Towels
Apr 10, 2017

Some common sense about paper towels

1, the same brand of paper towel expensive or cheap good?

Two packaging the same facial tissue, a discount sales, an original sales, which you choose? I 

believe 90% of people will not hesitate to choose discount products. Take two bags of paper towels

 carefully contrast, in the corner of the bag can find the answer: a pack of paper towel quality

 grade is a qualified product, another package is first class goods.

In fact, facial tissue is divided into superior products, first-class goods and qualified products

 3 grades, their softness, water absorption, toughness are different, excellent products,

 first-class times, the worst qualified, qualified products Many indicators even the first half

 of the goods are not reach, the price naturally cheaper.

2, toilet paper instead of napkins, will threaten their health?

Although the two kinds of paper towels are made with the original wood pulp, have also been a 

strict disinfection procedures, but the two disinfection standards are completely different,

 mixed will affect the health.

Let us use the data to speak: the total number of bacterial colonies allowed per gram of tissue

 paper is 500, and 200 grams per gram of tissue paper, often with a roll of toilet paper, the 

bacteria may pass through the respiratory tract, blood and digestive tract Spread, people infected

 with enteritis, dysentery and other illnesses.

3,100% of the original wood pulp and 100% pure wood pulp the same?

Although the original wood pulp and pure wood pulp sounded little difference, but the concept is

 completely different, the original wood pulp paper is a new raw material, and pure wood pulp

 paper may be mixed with recycled or recycled second-hand materials. So, despite being labeled 

100% reliable label, but as a smart buyer, you can certainly choose the best one that.

4, with fragrant and printed paper towels harmful to the human body?

Pure wiping sweat, printing and fragrant paper towels are not only safe, but also increase your 

femininity. But if used to wipe his mouth, or the original paper towel the best, because any "

pattern" are late to add up, poor quality printing paper or perfume paper, its ink and fragrance 

easily attached to the mouth, and then into the human body damage Immune system and endocrine

system, affecting physical health.

5, paper towel shelf life is how long?

Usually 2 years to 3 years. In addition, once the paper towels open, it is equivalent to exposure

 to the air, to accept the test from all sides of the bacteria. In order to ensure the safety of

 your use, paper towels should be used within 3 months after opening. If you can not finish, the

 rest of the paper towels can be used to wipe glass, furniture and so on.

6, with a wet tissue can not wash your hands?

This is a big health misunderstanding. Wet paper towel liquid content is generally 80%, the main

 ingredient is water and fungicides, in order to allow sterilization solution for a long time 

effectively dissolved in water, wet towels will add some chemicals. "Propylene glycol" is the 

highest incidence of wet tissue composition table, although these chemicals will not cause serious

 impact on the skin, but will remain in the hands. So, the best way to disinfect or wash your hands with soap and rinse with water.

7, kitchen paper can be directly wrapped in food?

Kitchen paper in addition to the water, the ability to have excellent performance, the safety

 factor is the highest of all paper towels, it not only after high temperature sterilization, 

the number of bacterial residues to a minimum, but also put an end to add fluorescent agent, you 

can rest assured Use it to wrap ingredients, do not worry about the disease from the mouth of the 

problem. But the kitchen paper texture is relatively hard, if used to wipe his mouth, the lips 

may be bruised, so the kitchen paper can no longer replace the "gentle" napkins.

8, paper towel is not the color the more white the better?

Normal paper towel color should be ivory white, natural white. If you buy back the paper towel is

 white, it is added fluorescent agent overdose results. The use of unqualified paper towels, light

 skin itching, severe cases can lead to skin diseases. Identify whether the paper towels contain

 fluorescent agents, can be used to observe the paper towel against the paper towel, if the paper

 towel blue and blue light, usually add the excess fluorescent agent, please stop using immediately.

9, life tips: how to buy high-quality paper towels?

1) touch feel: a good paper towel wood pulp content is high, feels soft and delicate touch, not 

easy to powder, hair loss. Bad paper towels too hard, more loose, easy to powder, hair loss.

2) than the toughness: the hands of a log pulp paper towels, a little pull, paper towels will be

 pulled folds appear, but will not break. And bad paper towels due to low content of wood pulp,

 poor flexibility, a little hard force that there will be broken phenomenon.

3) observe the burning situation: the addition of excessive fluorescent paper towels after burning

 paper gray or black, and the normal qualified paper towels after burning natural gray.

4) test soaking state: good paper towel high density, toughness, even soaked in water, it will

 not deformation, loose.

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