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Is The Toilet Tissue Paper Clean
Jul 09, 2018

Color is too white: some manufacturers in order to cater to consumer psychology, improve the whiteness of paper, in the production of the use of fluorescent whitening agent, and fluorescent whitening agent is a compound organic compound with carcinogenic effect; two is the use of a large number of bleach powder, resulting in the internal fiber of paper is seriously damaged, paper tension is especially small, No effort, the use of a significant increase in number.

Adding skid stone powder: in order to reduce the cost, some production units have added talcum powder in the production of toilet tissue paper. In order to increase the retention rate of talc powder and add starch, the weight of toilet paper is heavy, the appearance volume is small, and the price is cheap but very bad.

Odor: some manufacturers of raw materials for the production of sanitary paper are wheat straw and three grade living waste paper, the bacteria are seriously overweight, and have to use a large number of chemicals to disinfect, but no matter what measures are used to remove the odor in paper, consumers will cause a number of diseases after use.

Expansion: some manufacturers add a large amount of puffing agent to the raw material like popcorn to increase the volume of the paper. The production of the toilet paper is especially large, causing a false impression to the consumers - "this kind of sanitary paper is too large and soft", but the effect is very poor, the pulling force is very small, and almost no water absorbability.

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