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Increased Daily Consumption Of Raw Paper Our Lives Are Getting Cleaner
Apr 28, 2017

ncreased daily consumption of toilet paper Our lives are getting cleaner

The improvement of living standards makes life paper is rapidly becoming one of the most

 closely related consumer goods, but the recent growth rate of 8% of the market, this year 

the market price has been in the doldrums, some domestic large enterprises in yesterday Held

 in the afternoon of China's domestic paper business "Summit" on the call, China's life paper 

to guard against vicious competition, especially after joining the WTO.

China Paper Association Paper Committee Chairman Jiang Manxia in an interview with this

 reporter pointed out that due to the relevant domestic regulatory system is not perfect,

 the standard failed to unify, some small businesses in the production process, raw materials, 

management and other costs lower , Which makes the whole price of tissue industry has been 

greatly affected, and some places even such a strange phenomenon: investment of several 

hundred thousand dollars and tens of millions of dollars in a starting line of unfair 

competition, the participating large enterprises Has recently asked the state to introduce 

mandatory national standards.

At the summit, some companies also complain that the larger the business, the more the

 variety of checks, on the contrary, some small businesses but no one to manage, which 

gives many non-standard, low quality products Take advantage of the opportunity.

At present, the domestic pulp trade has not talked about the normal price, usually for 

the buyers and sellers to negotiate the discount after the actual transaction price, 

the general discount of about 10%. Allegedly Chile "Silver Star" 3800 yuan to buy, part 

of the European and American pulp to the Hong Kong price of 380 US dollars or so. So what

 about the market outlook? Will the second half of the pulp imports continue to grow? I interviewed some industry veteran, according to the analysis, the short term people still 

dare not trade behavior, that is, will not enlarge the purchase amount, then the pulp is 

difficult to pick up. Allegedly, the early part of the want to make short-term difference, 

but unfortunately quilt, ordered 420-430 US dollars / ton of pulp, who knows the port, the

 pulp has fallen to 410 US dollars / ton, which give new investors Knocked the alarm. There 

are some recent hoard goods, then for long-term investment, intends to "cover" six months, 

so before the end of the dawn of the possibility of a very small.

The scope of life paper includes three categories: toilet paper and products, disposable

 hygiene products and disposable paper containers. At present, China's food towels, 

disposable diapers, disposable health rolls, women's sanitary napkins and other products on 

the basic structure of the market to adapt to the development. Statistics show that China's 

annual consumption of toilet paper products per capita consumption from 0.8 kg in 1994 to the current 1.6 kg or more, last year has reached 2.88 million tons of consumption level. But this 

and the developed countries per capita consumption of more than 10 kilograms there is still a gap,

 so the market potential is still great.

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