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How To Identify The Quality Of Toilet Paper?
Feb 21, 2019

Toilet paper is our necessities of life, plays an important role in life, then how can we choose good quality toilet paper? Here we briefly introduce how to identify the quality of toilet paper.

1. Some toilet paper feels thicker and has a lower grade. Because, under the same weight, the number of sheets of thick paper is less. For example, there are more than 270 grade D papers per 500 grams, while only 250 grade E papers. Therefore, in the case of the same weight, the whole package of thinner toilet paper should be selected.

2. Because toilet paper is sold by weight, individual manufacturers will add more fillers in the production process. The paper produced in this way is thick and hard, which has certain harm to human body. Therefore, soft toilet paper should be selected when purchasing.

3. The whole process of toilet paper production is completed under high temperature. If the packaging is not timely, incomplete or improper storage, the paper will be damped and polluted. Therefore, when choosing products, we must choose those products which are well packaged and have a relatively close production date.

4. Attention should be paid to the industry standard of wrinkle toilet paper (GB2500-2000) of the Ministry of Light Industry. The standard divides wrinkle toilet paper into two kinds: small roll paper and knife paper cutting. The technical indexes are divided into five grades: A, B, C, D and E. When purchasing toilet knife paper, please pay attention to the text on the package. If the above indicates the implementation standard: GB2500-2000 D-1, it means that toilet paper belongs to grade D, and the quality is good.

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