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How To Differentiate Toilet Paper, Paper Napkin And Living Paper
Jul 03, 2017

Generally speaking, the better the napkin or tissue paper pulp are good, will not use recycled paper to repeated processing, health requirements are relatively high; and the toilet paper is recycled paper processing, relatively poor level of health.

Living paper, refers to the individual home or out and use all kinds of sanitary wipe paper, including toilet paper, toilet paper, paper box, pocket paper, paper handkerchiefs, napkins, paper towels, kitchen towels. They are divided into two broad categories: tissue paper and wrinkle toilet paper. Toilet paper contact with the human body directly, and its sanitary condition directly affects the health of the human body.

Therefore, the purchase of toilet paper, we must pay attention to the following aspects: first, depends on whether the product packaging marked hygiene license number, whether printed with the factory name, site and whether the implementation of standards. Two, look at the color of paper, pure wood pulp paper, because without any additives, the color should be natural ivory white, texture is relatively uniform. Three, depends on the price, the market retail price is too low, toilet paper generally can not contain pure wood pulp. Four, to see the endurance strength, pure wood pulp because of fiber long, so pull large, toughness, difficult to break, and poor quality paper, there are irregular holes and powder. To see the fire, the toilet paper after burning was lime like. Six, to see the shelf life, better napkins, facial tissues and women's supplies paper, are marked with the implementation of standards and shelf life, and poor quality toilet paper most of the logo.

In addition, rough and hard without toilet paper, packaging and sterilizing the pack toilet paper do not buy, because a complete package of toilet paper, usually after disinfection, and the pack of toilet paper is not easy to be disinfected, bacterial contamination.

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