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How To Buy Toilet Paper To Be Safe?
Mar 24, 2018

There are two main types of paper for active use: the first type is the toilet paper for toilet, and the second kind is the paper towel (paper, paper handkerchief) used at ordinary times.

The national hygienic standard of tissue paper, for example, the total number of bacterial colonies is no more than 200 units per gram, and the total number of toilet paper restricted colony is no more than 600 units, so the toilet paper is higher from the view of bacteria. Secondly, the waste paper or paper products can be recycled, and the paper towel is not allowed, so the sanitary paper does not make a hard rule on the fungal index. So, in life, we try not to use toilet paper to wipe your face and wipe your mouth.

People who are allergic to dust should pay attention when buying paper. The phenomenon of paper dropping is serious. So don't wipe your mouth and so on.

In the process of making paper pulp in the original life, in order to make it has the better flexibility, the manufacturer will join the original short wood fiber in the slurry, and the combination of short fiber and other long fiber is not solid, so when in use, there will be a very small amount of fiber to escape, is "off the paper wool".

In general, paper hair is not harmful. In addition, in order to reduce the cost, the manufacturer will add a certain amount of talcum powder into the slurry. In the process of using paper products, talcum powder is easy to fall out. This is what we call "dropping powder". Talc particles are carcinogens and are harmful to health.

Some careful people take note of this word when they are picking paper, a transferable fluorescent brightener. It is in fact a fluorescent dye, is widely used in many industries, even the fluorescent whitening agent we use A4 would contain a certain amount of.

In other words, in addition to toilet paper, we can get a lot of chance of exposure to fluorescent brighteners. But so far, no scientist has been able to confirm the conclusion that "long-term use of fluorescent whitening agents is carcinogenic". As long as we pay attention to washing hands regularly, we can remove the health concerns of the fluorescent agents.

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