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How To Buy Facial Tissue
Jul 13, 2018

Buy a facial tissue The following points should be paid attention to: (1) the product must be approved by the provincial health administration department, and the number format of the production enterprise health license is as follows: "(province, autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government for short) Wei Xiao syndrome (year of issuing certificate) No. XXXX. (2) use in the period of validity. (3) product packaging logo specification. Minimum sales package should be marked: product name, main raw material name, production enterprise (name, address, telephone, postal code), production enterprise health license number (except imported products), country or region name (except domestic products), production date and validity period (insurance). Quality period) / production batch number and time limit use date and so on. Disinfection grade products should be labeled "sterilizing grade". Paper napkins, tissue paper and other products are prohibited to label disinfection, sterilization, sterilization, bacteria removal, medicine, health care, dehumidification, moistening dryness, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, spermicidal, contraception, as well as the anti - bacteria effect of non - test basis. "

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