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Five Strokes To Buy Toilet Paper
Apr 28, 2017

Five strokes to buy toilet paper

A look at the material: the best of the original wood pulp. There are different raw materials 

for the toilet paper on the market, namely 100% of the original wood pulp, which is the first 

use of paper raw materials, excluding recycled wood pulp, is the best quality; 100% logdle, may 

all or part Contains the recycled raw materials, the quality of such wood followed; the original

 pulp, not all of the use of wood pulp, plus other low-cost raw materials, such as bagasse and so 

on. There are some illegal business with waste paper side of the raw materials for the production

 of products, in general, low strength, easy hair loss, off powder, and some see the water on the 


Second choice weight: emphasis on. Most toilet paper will be marked with the number of pumping, 

but the pumping is too many one-sided, even if the pumping lot, the number of layers of paper, 

paper weight is not very heavy. So do not choose too light paper products.

Three to see the brand: big brand. Well-known brand of product quality assurance, although it 

may be more expensive, but to ensure that health, comfort, with the rest assured.

Four to see packaging: strict integrity.

Note that the product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer, address, telephone 

and so on. As well as the implementation of the standards, product level, production date, 

validity and so on. It is best to buy the latest production of products.

Five look at the color: Do not be too white. The choice of toilet paper is not the more white 

the better, paper towel product standards in the provisions of A and other products of the 

whiteness of 85.0% to 90.0%, some bad business in order to improve the product whiteness, 

excessive addition of fluorescent whitening agent, resulting in tissue paper white Degree of 

more than 90.0%, this product looks white is not natural, the tone is not soft, the body is 

not good.

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