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Common Knowledge Of Paper Napkins
Jul 03, 2017

Napkins have dry napkins and wet napkins,we usually use is dry napkins, which have been used instead of handkerchiefs or towels. The names are also varied, such as handkerchiefs, tissues, napkins, toilet paper, towels, paper towels, etc.. They are made of crepe paper. They are packed in different bags, packed in boxes, packed in tubes and rolled. Such products are not sterilized treatment, as long as the production environment and raw materials clean and sanitary, the product can meet the national health requirements. Therefore, in the purchase, we must choose to have a health permit and mark the factory name, site, date of production and shelf life of the product, rather than covet cheap, choose underground processing plant products. Generally speaking, this kind of product is used to clean the face and hands and other items, but can not be used for cleaning and disinfection of tableware, in addition, the differences in the quality of these products, the best choice to close, delicate texture, good toughness, not wrinkle products.

The wet towel is divided into two kinds of wet towels which have the function of disinfection and without disinfection. The former can be used to sterilize tableware, fruits, surfaces and hands, while the latter is only clean and has no disinfection function. Such products are wet paper towels, wet towels, wet towel and other categories, in the form of a single chip, multi piece can open packaging, cylinder and so on. In the use of sterile wipes, we must pay attention to the following two points: first, the sterilized wipes are effective for the microorganisms to be killed; and two, for a certain amount of time under wet conditions. The resistance of different microorganisms to disinfectants are strong or weak, it can kill the hepatitis C virus should be indicated in the instructions for use of products or packaging, or else that to kill the hepatitis C virus is invalid, consumers in the purchase to read the instructions carefully, but do not think that as long as the disinfectant wipes can kill all bacteria and viruses. In addition, be sure to maintain a certain time under full wetting conditions (according to the instructions), in order to play a disinfection effect. Therefore, dry wipes can not be disinfected again. Finally, we should pay attention to, disinfection wipes are mainly used for preventive disinfection, in the case of a clear infectious disease patients, it is best to disinfect the tableware with a thorough immersion disinfection.

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