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What is the composition of napkin? Is it harmful to human body?
Aug 13, 2018

In theory, as long as there is fiber can be made paper, general toilet paper production is mainly used for commercial pulp (wood pulp, reed pulp, sugar cane pulp) and waste paper (American waste paper, Japanese waste paper edge books, etc.), and napkin paper is the ultimate raw material is toilet paper, therefore, napkin paper ingredients in addition to rice pulp, there are reed pulp, sugar cane. Pulp, bamboo pulp and deinking paper.

Complex fiber components and fluorescent substances are reported, fluorescent substances are a kind of paper whitening agent, can improve the brightness of paper, improve printing effect, is often used as paper dyes. The fluorescent substances in napkin paper may be related to the pulp raw materials, processing technology, printed patterns and so on. According to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Health on food packaging paper, food packaging paper must not contain fluorescent substances. Clinical verification, fluorescent substances into the human body, dose to a certain extent can make the cells in the human body mutation, become a potential carcinogenic factor.

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