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6 places that can't be used for toilet paper
Dec 05, 2017

6 places that can't be used for toilet paper

Toilet paper brings convenience and risks to us. Some manufacturers have added fluorescein or talcum powder to toilet tissue when making toilet paper. When consumers choose to buy toilet paper, please choose the paper towel produced by the regular manufacturers. Toilet paper has become the necessities of people's life, while enjoying the convenience brought by the toilet paper, it also faces some security risks. For your health, pay attention to the following 6 points in the use of toilet paper.

1, do not take when paper diaper. Some parents will use the toilet paper pad in the bottom of the baby, especially in the town when the pad more, resulting in a lot of baby skin rash, some children still crying may be very urticant. Terrible is the adults see rash immediately to eryansuo find dermatology experts, experts do not know the toilet paper pad for a bunch of eat and wipe, even fluids.

2, when a cold runny nose to spend more toilet paper to wipe my nose bought a little, that is clean, can not clean, because kept wiping will damage the skin and mucous membrane, cause nose and mouth infection, like impetigo. The right thing is to be clean, not clean.

3, you can't use ordinary toilet paper as a napkin. This is the most important one. Look at the origin of the toilet paper and maybe you don't want to use it.

4, never use toilet paper to wipe your eyes. Of course, here is the fact that toilet paper is not only recycled paper, but also pure wood pulp paper. Of course, this kind of paper is much better, but it is more expensive, and it is not possible to enter thousands of households.

5, wipe the glasses with toilet paper. This is a bad habit of many young people. Because the mineral containing calcium in toilet paper, it often hurts and loses its transparency. Especially the ester lens is not to be wiped out. It can wipe flowers at once.

6, small injury or wound mouth before going to the hospital should be protected or do simple dressing, locally available clean towel and linen shirt simple wrap or cover, must not use toilet paper to protect the wound, such as wound pollution and difficult to remove toilet paper.

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